E que se façam as ideias

E que se façam as ideias

sexta-feira, 29 de abril de 2011

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Dear Ms. Rubens,

Thank you for your message.
Please be aware that although you had not received authorization for a referral to present your application for admission to Sciences Po, you have decided to submit your application form. By submitting the application form, your academic profile and other relevant documents were assessed.

As you know, the admissions process in Sciences Po is very competitive, and unfortunately a number of candidates do not go through the first stage of the admissions procedure. In your particular case, and in comparison to other candidates’ performance, your academic grades were not considered among the top 10% overall applications. For this reason, you have received the notification “non-admissible” after thoroughly reviewing your application.

Again, this procedure is very selective and our decision is by no means a reflection of your own accomplishments.

The automatique message received by Yasmin Xavier Raphael was received by all in-progess candidates .

I hope this message clarifies your doubts concerning the admissions process.


Smilja Dabène

<----------------------minha resposta--------------------------->

Dear Smilja Dabène,

I am deeply grateful for your email response with the real reason for my elimination. However, I would like to make clear that I just liked to know the real reason for my elimination as it does not really exposed it at my disposal and, in any way, I sent the email to challenge your professional skills.

Thank you for your attention during those long seven months we were in contact, it was really very important for me for your cooperation, the more I have been eliminated.

Do not worry, I will not bother you anymore with my emails! Thanks for your help I managed to turn the page of my life and now I feel calm towards SciencesPo.

Two years from now I will try the Master in International Security, now that I know the selection process SciencesPo and I believe I'll be safer to compete for.

I would like to finish our contact with a popular phrase here in Brazil: "I​​'m Brazilian and never give up. "

May God bless your work and sorry for the inconvenience


Izabela Rubens